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Park Hall Timber.



A  link can be emailed  on request ,,any questions please ask we are happy to help,

PARKHALL TIMER PRODUCT'S LTD,, condition of sales under which all will be adhered to strictly ..please read carefully .All order are accepted on the understanding that conditions have been read by customers before ,or will be after placement of order 

PAYMENTS,,a non refundable deposit will be taken when order is placed .the balance will be taken when order is put into production and a delivery date confirmed..Any other way of payment must be put in writing and accepted by parkhall timber products limited  I.e. payment on delivery 

ORDERS,,,when ordering and to avoid mistakes please supply the following details name ..full delivery address..product size and type..specifications and any special requests  .

DELIVERY & ERECTION,,,free delivery up To 50 miles on home office and summerhouse. 10 miles on sheds. Anything over this will be added at time of order being placed

1,,,due to the weight of products the delivery lorry must be able to park with in 10 mtrs of address.

2,,,carry must not be more than  20mtrs from lorry if over an extra charge will be required and paid to the driver 

3,,,you must have a level base  with access of 3ft all the way round the building is recommended , we will not put up a building on to an unacceptable or unsuitable base I.e  not level .so please do this correct. Fixing your base will mean an extra charge and that's only if driver wants to .it's your responsibility to have the base ready.

4,,, we will not deliver to allotments,,unless agreement from PARKHALL TIMBER PRODUCTS LTD has agreed to first. Will only be delivered to delivery address..

5,,,we will not deliver though customers property/ house, outhouse, garage. Over fence..Over gate,up and down steps,,or down next doors property. Any of the above will be down to driver at extra cost that's only if he wants to.we need to know of any restrictions  hight and length..Any of the above must be informed to parkhall timber products limited  with in 3 days of placing order.

6,,,erection is free and not part of the delivery cost, so it is down to customers to inform parkhall timber products limited of anything that may prevent this on the day in writing. 

7,,,delivery times can change due to weather or anything that is not in parkhall timber products limited control. Delivery times are estimations only but can range from 5 to 10 wks plus when busy

8,,,any of the above will result in the building being dropped of at the closest point of delivery. 

9,,,if on the day we can not touch up any marks or paint damaged  from when being loaded and delivered due to wet or damp conditions ,it will be down to the customer to sort out when dry conditions are suitable 

SPECIFICATIONS,,,specifications and illustrations  may differ from time to time

1,,,every precaution is taken to dry timber then used ,but wood is a natural product and will react to weather conditions and location..parkhall timber products limited  there for cannot accept responsibility for contraction and expansion of wood as this is a natural process and out of our control 

2,,,all building are treated with a paint treatment or spirit base treatment ,,we do not treat knots and resin.  and from time to time they may bleed though the paint, we strongly advise customers  to treat your building as and when needed this may be with in 12 months of delivery 

3,,,VERY IMPORTANT,,we strongly advise to fit  rainwater guttering to all building as you may get leaks due to the amount of water that will run from the roof. Plus it will extend the life of building 

 4,,, wet damp conditions will course mould and black spots ,as wood will absorb water in the air we can not be held responsible for this nature process, we advise to clean down with bleach and water on the inside, outside  clean and repaint, 

5,,, dark coulor timber building will shrink more than normal  and take more maintenance in summer .

6,,,placement of your building  if against walls ,,fence ,,trees hedges  other sheds or outbuildings  this will course problems with your building from leaks to damaged to the felt .That's why we recommend 3ft all around the building for access and clearance, parkhall timber products limited will not accept responsibility for any problem if other than min of 3ft clearance  if building is erected .

we are still happy to put up building  onto customers base evan if they don't comply with teams and conditions  but at customers risk and we take no RESPONSIBILITY for damage that may happen to building 

7,,,,parkhall timber products limited. Will not accept responsibility for bad weather or storm damaged in any case ..Any non parkhall timber products limited manufacturing recommendation I.e paint  or felt and so on, we can not take responsibility for there claims in any case

8,,,any building that has the roof  in a way that means water from the roof runs down over the doors and windows, will need rainwater guttering as soon as the building is up to prevent leaks and water damage, this is the customer responsibility 

9,,,pigeon loft  that are put in location where  strong wind will affect it  are advised to put something extra on roof if exposed 

10, to use all year round we recommend a membrane or  treating the wood inside with a barrier treatment,   before insulation and electrics are fitted, as wood absorbs moisture from the air ,you will also need a permanent heating system without this you will get damp inside your building. 

11. All our building have our own floors that have rot proof bearer  your building can not and should not be put directly on to mud grass and so on it will need a floor as this is structuly dangerous without a floor for your building 


If building has to be dropped off, it will be down to customers to erect it ,we always do our best  to  put them up. And 99% We do,  it is not in our interest not to erect your building. 

Please get in touch if you need advice on erecting  your own building , we are hear to help

Any problem must be reported with in 3 days of delivery  by phone  then in writing  to. 

Phone 07886235334